Italian Industrial Development

There is a place in the heart of Italy, rich in opportunities for settlement companies. An ideal place for the Italian industrial development that is the natural crossroards of all major national roads, a step away from Europe, thanks to an airport of international importance. This place is the city of Bologna. A metropolitan area with its 60 municipalities, nearly 1 milion residents and 90.000 enterprises that has always been at the top of the national and international charts for quality of life and efficiency of public administration, necessary conditions for an Italian industrial development.

italian industrial developmentA place where European standards go well with a land rich in cultural, monumental as wellas wine and food traditions, where the modernity of its International Exhibition District is just a few steps from the beautiful hills of the Tuscan-Emilian Appennines. Bologna is located in the heart of the cultural, administrative and economic Emilia-Romagna Region, one of the most dynamic, productive and prosperous in Europe in regards to business settlement opportunities. Thanks to its geographical position, Bologna is a natural and strategic crossroads between Europe and the Mediterranean. The Province is crossed by highways A1 Milan_Naples, A 14 Bologna-Taranto and A13 Bologna-Padua. Bologna is the main national railway junction. The high speed rail (TAV) Milan-Naples, recently completed, has further improved the already excellent accessibility and the range of rail links that Bologna offers with Europe and the rest of Italy. Bologna Airport is only 6 km from the city center. The “Guglielmo Marconi” is one of the main Italian airport by number of domestic and international destinations, connections with the major European hubs and passenger traffic continuously growing. Finally, the extensive network of public transportation, both rail and road, connects the city to all towns in pre Province. Within this general scenario, in 2004 the Provincia of Bologna, in order to contribute for an italian industrial development, adopted a strategic plan (PTCP) with the objective to define the future structure of the settlement, environment and infrastructure of Bologna territory. This arrangement is basically centered on four main pillars:

  • Strenghtening og the Metropolitan Railway Service;
  • A mortorway “Passante Nord”, a “belt” motorway, around the Metropolitan Area;
  • Polycentrism of the settlements (both urban and manufacturing – service industry);
  • Strenghtening of Local Ecological Network.

industrial areasThrough this plan, but, more generally, by all tho se synergies that will be sought in the forthcoming institutional reorganization, focusing on the birth of the Metropolitan City, the territory of Bologna will further enhance its excellence and facilitating the access to settlement opportunities for companies. These are the pillars that medium-sized European cities will need to have to play a key role to balance the distortions of the Central European settlement “galaxy”, known as “blue banana”, which includes areas from London to Milan and already showing signs of strong congestion. Bologna as a “gate” for the transit and circulation in the Region, both tangible and intangible assets that generate sustainable development, but also a metropolitan center that thanks to its critical mass and effective accessibility, can be the reference for all its regional territory.